Thursday, March 5, 2009

ticked off

Before I get to why I am tick off I will tell you the results of Malachi's echo. There is some good and some bad news. We will start with the bad news. Malachi's heart is still leaking. The botton hole is still leaking a small amout, even after it was "fixed". His Mitrial valve is also leaking a small amout and his bicuspid valve is leaking a lot. So, this being said, his pressure between the 2 sides is not equal. These leaks may require a second surgery in a few years. The good news, the doc doesn't seem to worried and is fairly confident that they will close as Malachi grows and his heart gets stronger! They will continue to moniter it with an echo every month to make sure it doesnt get worse.

Okay now to the reason I am soooo mad!! Malachi is going to be 8 months old tomorrow and he has yet to receieve ANY early intervention! He is not getting PT, OT, ST...nothing! I called the lady in charge of getting things set up and left a few messages. She called me back but I missed the call. I am going to light a fire under her butt to get this started THIS month. My little man is already behind and I feel like he needs to be priority in her case load (haha, crazy mommy alert!) I give her today to get a hold of me if not I will be calling the lawyer and Malachi's case worker!! He has been elegiable since he was 3 months old. This should not take this long. Grrrr... They are about to see a side of me that they will not like!! My child will not fall further beding because someone can't get thier stuff together!!

Okay I feel much better! Today is going to be near 60 in the chicagoland area!! I cannot tell you how happy I am about that! Its has been a long cold winter and Malachi and I are itching to get outside and go for walks and play outside!! I will be wearing flip flops today!! Please come soon spring!!!

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Lacey said...

Have you adopted him yet? Yep you just have to be really pissy to get things done. Jax still had a VSD after his repair. His valves also leak, I think most do because you have to split them so there not normal to begin with. I finally found some cute material to make his blankie, so I will be starting it soon.