Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Extra, Extra, read all about it...

I've got LOTS of updates for all of you! Lets start with the exciting ones first...

Tomorrow a OT evaluator is coming over to evaluate Malachi.

Friday a PT evaluator is coming over to evaluate Malachi.

Malachi only pooped 2 times today!

In just 1 short week we get to see our good friends who are Missionaries in Alaska, they will be in town. They have had 2 kids while they have been away and we FINALLY get to meet them! VERY excited!

My hubby is on Spring Break (he is a 6th grade teacher) next week, which means I will have help with Malachi ALL week, he might even let me sleep in!

We are getting a team together for the Chicago Buddy Walk! This will be our first one and we are VERY excited, but we need help thinking of a team name. Any ideas?

That's all of our exciting news, please try and contain your excitement!

(Thanks for bearing with my HORRIBLE spelling, I know there is spell checker, but who has time for that? Not this momma!)


Lacey said...

Nope, no time for spell check for me either. His blankie is almost done. A couple more days.

Lacey said...

Hey I finished Malachi's blankie. Now I just need your address. You can email me at so your not telling the whole world your address. Thanks, Lacey