Monday, May 31, 2010


Our weekend was..eventful, to say the least. Malachi, Eli and Josh have had NASTY colds. Didn't think to much of it. I know what to look for and things to be worried about, I didn't see any of it. Well...little did I know something was brewing.

Sunday I woke up and Malachi was still coughing and it had gotten a little worse. I decided to take him to Prompt care. We were told that he was having some asthma type symptoms and to give him breathing treatments. We came home and went about our day. We invited some friends over and had just started making dinner when I decided to take Malachi to the ER. He was sounding worse and I thought he had bronchitis or laryngitis. We got to the ER and were told he has croup. They gave him humid oxygen to see it that would help, it didnt. Then they gave him a steroid and an breathing treatment. Neither worked. My friend (she came with me)  suddenly said, it's at 62. I said what is at 62? And she replied "his oxygen saturation." I told her to find the nurse call button. And after 3 or 4 mins no one was in, so I turned on the oxygen and started it myself. UGH. Where the heck was our nurse? Why was no one watching his monitor? Why didn't the alarm go off? I have no answers. A nurse walked by our room and I informed her what had happened. She said "oh".

I LOST it. We had been the 4 hours, had no answers and they were moving like snails. The doctor finally came in and said we were staying the night. Fine with me, I wanted out of their. So we got to our room, talked to the doc. and got settled for the night. Malachi was on blow by humidifyed oxygen over night with breathing treatments every 4 hours. This morning he was doing much better so we got to come home.

Life with a medically frail child the fun never ends!


Anonymous said...

What a rough weekend you guys had! I'm so sorry to hear this. I remember the many trips to the ER with My daughter and how little the staff knew about Moyamoya. From the confused looks when we told them she had Moyamoya, to the long waits for IV's knowing how dangerous dehydration was for Kathleen. I think you will feel the comfort as soon as you get to Boston Children's Hospital. Moyamoya is an everyday word for the staff there. Dr. Scott is not only an amazing surgeon bit a wonderful and caring person. He saved my daughter's life. He is highly respected by the nurses, they have nothing but praise for him.( which I thought was a great tribute to his character). Many prayers for your family......
Mary Grace, mom to Kathleen,Moyamoya survivor and born with Down syndrome

Kristin said...

Ugh. We came home from our roadtrip this weekend with croup, too. Luckily I had my oximeter with us so I knew Max's stats were fine. But we went in today for steroids. Hope you're getting some sleep :)