Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Adoption is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Both my boys are adopted, but from 2 very different situations.

I have never said a word to Malachi's birth mom. She has never been around, never e-mailed and probably has no clue where her son is, or how he is doing. The last time she saw him was right after she gave birth and then she ran away. Some times I think we are all better off that she is not around. Then there are times when I am sad because I know absolutely nothing about Malachi's birth family. I don't know who he gets his dark brown eyes from or his stubborn personality. I have questions about his heritage and his blood line. There are medical questions I would like to ask his mom, but I can't. I want to show her that he is a fighter and that he has overcome so much. I want her to be proud of him and share his picture with her friends. But those things are never going to happen.

Then there is Eli. His birth parents loved him so much and they knew he would be better off with another family. I feel honored that they chose us. I am so thankful to them for the gift they have given us. I don't think they will ever truly understand this. Although we have only met them once, we are family, bonded together forever. They are not ready to have a close relationship with us as it is still to painful for them but I e-mail update every once in a while and they reply. I hope and pray that one day they will celebrate his birthday with us and that he can wrap his arms around them. Tonight I have a conversation with his Birth mom on the internet. I was able to ask her where he gets his long eyelashes from (she said they come from her) and she was able to ask what his eye color is. We talked about his heart and development. It was a wonderful short conversation.

Josh and I would love to adopt a few years, haha.


Emily said...

You two are fabulous people! Fabulous parents!

Kristin said...

Max's birthparents didn't make it to San Antonio this weekend for the finalization. I was so bummed. I'm not sure where our relationship is heading. I don't know if their car really broke down or they got cold feet, or a little of both. We, too, send emails and pictures. We met his birthmom when we picked him up in Texas last year. She is an amazing person. Loves him so much. But I wonder if we'll ever see her again. As long as we keep the lines of communication open, we can hope. It is hard being so far from her.
Hopefully your relationship with Eli's birthparents continues to blossom :)