Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to get off

I feel like I am on a roller coaster. One second all seems to be going perfectly, the next, I reaching the top and about to fall face first over the edge. 

There has been some confusion with Boston. This morning I was told we were not going to be able to go. This afternoon I was told, we can, but they cant guarantee the date. Tomorrow? Who knows what I will hear. I do know that I refuse to take no for an answer. I will fight for Malachi till the day I day. He deserves Boston, he deserves the best of the best, and anything else, just simply, is not an option. 

I am not on this ride to make friends. I could give a hoot if you like me. But, I am Malachi's only advocate in this life, the only one (aside from my husband) who will fight for him. And fight I will, because he is worth it. 

I want to get off this roller coaster...and it better be in Boston!


Our family said...

Saw your post at MckMama's community. Will continue to pray for you and youe sweet adorable boys! You keep listening to that strong "mama bear instinct" in your heart (God put it there for a reason)

Tressa said...

Oh goodness!! I really hope you get into Boston! I am praying for you and your sweet boy and the people at Boston. Hang in there!

Liz said...

You go, Mama...we are our children's advocates, and their voices when they cannot stand up for themselves (and probably still will be, even when they can!). I'll be lifting you up in prayer. Hang in there...



Penny Green said...

What beautiful boys!

If you ever need us, Down's Heart Group is contactable via our website on

(I can think of at least one member with MoyaMoya if you need a contact).

Please keep us updated when you can on your incredible journey.