Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 months.

I can't believe Elijah turned 6 months old yesterday! He is weighing 10lbs 8oz and is 27 1/2 inches long (this makes him only 4-5 inches shorter than his almost 2 year old brother...ha). He is still a skinny peanut, not even on the down syndrome growth chart. However, for hight, he is in the 75 percentile. Josh keeps saying he wasn't to dress the boy up like Mario and Luigi for halloween. Eli is smiling all the time and loves when you tell him he is handsome. He has recently learned how to blow raspberries, Malachi sure gets a kick out of that. Eli is rolling over to the right, but not the left. He enjoying sitting in his bumbo chair and looking at the fan. He is drinking 5oz. of 26 calorie an ounce of formula and eating 1-3 jars of stage one baby food a day. Carrots are his favorite. He continues to hate bath time. He is wearing 0-3 month clothings with most being to big in the waist and to short in the length. He is a joy and so loved by his family. We continue to be so thankful for him.

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Emily said...

He is doing some amazing things! You are truly blessed!