Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Elijah

The littlest love in my life, sweet Eli, has what I like to call an oral obsession. If his thumb isn't in his mouth, his fingers are. If his fingers are not in his mouth, his fist is. If his fist isn't he can be found violently sucking on his forearm. An oral obsession could actually be an understatement. He enjoy's any object that can be chewed on, sucked on and slobbered on. It makes for a wet situation and sometime very sticky, especially if he has just downed a big bottle of sweet nectar. I can often be found with Eli drool on my shirt, as sucking on my shirt and collar bone are some of his most favorite spots. When getting him ready for bed last night I noticed something that most teenage girl try to hide. Rather than hiding it, Eli displayed it with pride. He wanted to show the world that when it come's to sucking, there is none better. Eli had, not 1, but 2 hickey's on his arm. I must nip this in the bud before people start talking, we don't want him to be know around town as "the kid who gives himself hickey's" as this is not an appealing name for sweet little boys. But deny him the joy he finds in it? How could I? I know, I know. It's soon going to be hotter than a Russian steam bath outside, but until them his sweet arms will be covered with a long sleeve shirt.


Gojira said...

This whole story made me smile! Love your writin, Erin!

Joy said...

This story made me giggle :) I hope you're able to find him something to suck on that's a little better then his arm :)