Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Cure for the winter time blues

Today we hit 90 May...just saying it brings a smile to my face. In joyful thankfulness we decided to skip church (yes I know, please save your judgment for a later time) and spend the afternoon on the boat!!! The sun beating down on us and the wind in our hair, it was an wonderful afternoon.

A cure for the wintertime blues for sure!!


larag1028 said...

What beautiful pictures! And beautiful boys! I enjoy reading your blog! Malachi & Elijan are precious!

Emily said...

An absolute cure! Fun, fun, fun!

Allie said...

I love your blog, I can't remember how I got here, but I just love the stories of your boys! I DO have to mention one thing, though, please do not take it wrong. Your children NEED to be in life vests on the boat. You would be shocked at how fast they can go over the edge, even if you are hanging on to them, even if the boat is stopped on the shore. PLEASE have them wear one! And smooch those angels for me!

Kathy said...

You have a beautiful family! I found your blog a few weeks ago - maybe from Mckmama's? Anyway I hope the surgery goes well.

I also vote for life vests. In fact, when our kids were little, we decided to wear them also as good modeling. I hadn't worn them since I was a kid. Now I view them like seat belts. A good and easy investment just in case. Our boat waits in the garage for some summer fishing. We have a grandson longing to go :)