Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Week

Wow, I can't believe Thanksgiving is over! We had a WONDERFUL time celebrating with family and friends. Our thanksgiving started Sunday of last week when we gathered with my husbands side of the family. We always have a ton of yummy food and lots of laughs, this year was no different.

This is Malachi with his two cousins Ashlyn and Ethan.

Malachi was clearly VERY tired and passed out just like this!

On thanksgiving we celebrated with my side of the family. We again ate lots of wonderful food and enjoyed playing Wii with each other. There is noting quit like a bowling tournament in the comforts of a house! We had a blast. I am so thankful that my mother in law and father in law were able to join in my families thanksgiving day festivities.

Josh and My brother being goofy and mashing the spuds.

Malachi finally wearing his glasses! Hes so cute!

My side of the family!

The day after Thanksgiving we dropped Malachi off at his grandparents for a sleep over and we headed to Chicago with a bunch of friends. We went to Daily Plaza to see the Christmas Tree and enjoy German goodies at the Kriskringle Market. While there our friend got engaged!! (Congrats Meg and Will!) We walked around for a bit, looked at the windows displays at Macy's and then ate dinner at the house of blues. We had a WONDERFUL time with our friends and look forward to doing it again next year! (Thank you grams, gramps and Nana ((Malachis great-grandma who was in town for thanksgiving)) for watching stinky so we could go out!!)

Josh and I by the tree, man was it cold!!

Me with our popcorn and boot of hot chocolate!

It was a wonderful week and I am looking forward to next year already! Did I mention Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?

On to different news, Malachi is going for surgery on December 15th. We go Thursday this week for some pre-op stuff. While we are thankful he is getting it done before Christmas we are praying for no complications so that we can be home for Christmas. Nothing ever seems to be easy with Malachi (medically speaking) so we are cautiously going into this with no expectations. We shall see what happens!

As I type this I am sitting next to a warm fire place and a Christmas tree full of lights. Malachi is sleeping soundly in his crib and my hubby? He is watching a move next to me. This is the perfect way to finish up a very busy week!! We hope you all had a great holiday!!


Emily said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! That is wonderful! He looks precious in his glasses!

My name is Sarah said...

oh that silly Malachi falling asleep right on his daddy's knee. So cute:)

Kristin said...

Love those cute little glasses!

ParkerMama said...

How blessed you are!