Thursday, November 12, 2009

A year ago.

A year ago tomorrow Josh and I finished our home study. It was our last step that needed to be completed, on our end, to bring Malachi home. It was a day that we had longed for and wished would have come quicker. I remember waiting for our case worker to contact us to schedule our final home visit, I remember word for word what a friend told me "a year from now this will all be done, and the wait that you are experiencing right now will be a grain of sand on the beach..." I didn't know then just how right she was. All the anticipation, wonder if Malachi was ever going to get well enough to come home, the questions, all of it means nothing now. Exactly 8 days after the finalization of our home study Malachi came home (I will write more on that in exactly 8 days). I remember cleaning and getting the house just so, we were so relieved when it was over and our case worker told us we passed and that she was going to fax our information off. Oh what a marvelous day it was. The house was clean and Malachi's room was all ready to welcome him home. We were ready. Ready to be parents, ready to tackle this crazy life, ready to be obedient to God and fully commit to Malachi. Oh what a glorious day it was!


Emily said...

That is great! Malachi couldn't have been sent to better parents!

Kristin said...

Isn't it crazy how life can change in one simple (ok - not always so simple) year!?

Lacey said...

How great. Talking about getting our home study done and getting ready to adopt is so exciting for me. I'm ready to go buy girl stuff like crazy. How was your home study? I'm a little paranoid.