Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Anyone out there ever experience a ABR? Malachi is going to a ENT and audiologist in another state because we have never gotten an accurate hearing test on him. They want to do an ABR (sedated hearing test) im not worried about it, just wondering how long it takes. Please share your experiences with me!


Unknown said...

My name is Julie and I am a speech language pathologist. I do not have a lot of experience with ABR's but I know that the test stands for "auditory brainstem response" and it measures neurological activity of brainwaves in response to sound. The test is used to assess hearing thresholds (the lowest level at which an individual can detect sound) and also any abnormalities in the auditory pathway. This test is commonly used when individuals being tested cannot signal to the examiner that they are hearing sound. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Our son was given two ABR's and each lasted about one hour, from sedation to the completion of the test to arousal.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

no advice with the abr but just popped over to see what was new- my goodness, your lil man has grown! Hope all goes well with the abr and that you got approval for the rsv shot- I remember it being an issue for Dom's second year as well but our home health care nurse figured out the way to make it happen.

leah said...

We've had two ABR's- the first one took longer than the second one (the second one just looked at a couple of frequencies to confirm the original diagnosis). The first one took about an hour and a half (the did something called DPOAE at the same time as the ABR, so it took a little longer). The second one took about 45 minutes.

The sedation they use is a light sedative, and the little guys are running around shortly after coming out of the anaesthetic. Good luck with your test!

Lacey said...

Hey there, I read this late so I don't know if you've had it done yet, but Jax failed every hearing test so they did an ABR on him. They did it when they were putting tubes in so he was already out. It was the only accurate hearing test he's had, its not to bad.