Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on ST

Sooo...I am STILL fighting with EI to get Malachi's speech increased. Today a new ST came to evaluate Malachi. She was nice, but Im still leary of her, she is VERY passive and offered little help. I am trying to remain hopeful as the was the first time she has ever met us. After her evaluation she was beging to tell me where he was at and she stopped, almost like she didn't want to continue. I blurted out "What ever age you evaluated him at, just tell me, your not going to hurt my feelings. I KNOW Malachi is behind, my number one concern is that we are doing everything possible so that Malachi can advance." I don't think she knew what to say, but I am not in this to make friends, I could care less if they like me. After we talked some more I asked her if she thought he needed to be seen more than once a month....and she said YES!!!!! Finally we are getting somewhere! We will meed for his annual IFSP on December 7, Im mentally preparing for it as I have LOTS to say!

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Emily said...

I understand completely. These things aren't going to hurt our feelings... we actually WANT these therapies for our children so that they can advance! Keep up the hard work!