Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have been missing in action! Malachi has been sick since thanksgiving, hes been the the pediatrician twice and was treated with antibiotics, tamiflu and some antihistamine's with no success. We have has lots and lots of thick boogies and some coughing but never had a fever, until yesterday morning. I took it right when he wok up and it was 100.3, I then had Josh take it about 20 mins later and it was 101.6. He was extremely agitated, like i've never seen. I was hold him trying to comfort him and he literally was crawling up me and shaking. I knew something was wrong. He was winey and was having trouble breathing. We decided to take him to the ER. They got us in right away and his fever was over 104. The nurse gave him Tylenol right away and shortly after he had a breathing treatment.  The doc. wanted x-rays to check for fluid in his lungs. Those came back negative, so they decided to test for RSV. About and hour later we got the results and they came back positive. Ugh. I thought for sure we were on our way to being admitted. The doc came back in and said he was sating well (in the mid 90's), eating well and peeing well so there was no need for us to stay. Since this isn't our first rodeo he sent us home with breathing treatments and instructions to return if anything was getting worse. By the time we got discharged his fever was down and he was acting more normal.

Malachi woke up this morning feeling much better. He has no fever and is crawling and playing. I am hoping he can get over this quickly.

He is still scheduled to have surgery on the 15th. We went up to the hospital last week and met with the NP, education nurse and anesthesiologist. We are hoping to be discharged the same day, but if they decide to take his tonsils out, then we will be there for the night.

Thats about all. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. We are skipping church and staying home watching movie all day!!


Kristin said...

Oh, no fun! I've had a little head cold and have been praying Max doesn't get it. Hope he is well on his way to recovery!

Emily said...

Oh bummer. Hope the sickness leaves the home soon. Nothing worse than a sick wee one.

Lacey said...

Good luck with surgery. I hope he feels better soon. I love the movie idea!