Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take 2

Im not sure why my past post didn't post but I will try again. My last post was about Malachi and him getting his first tooth!! Woo Hoo. I was starting to get a little worried because he wasn't getting teeth! Do kids with Down syndrome get teeth later? I just dont know. But one is comming, I can see it but can't feel it yet!

Malachi has been working on tall kneeling. I got a quick shot of him working with daddy.

He is getting really good at it! We just have to keep our hands on his lets to keep his knees together. He tries to cheat and separate them! He is getting stronger and we are so proud!

I LOVE this picture. He was playing with a piano. I can just see the concentration in his eyes!

haha, I just laugh. I can see him doing this when he turns 16. "Mom I REALLY,REALLY, REALLY want the red Mustang Convertable.....PLEASE" So cute!


Anonymous said...

What great pics of your little guy- he is just adorable! As far as teething late, that is very common with kiddos who have Ds...I think Dom was about 14 months old before he cut his first tooth in and it was a molar- the order is normally 'off' as well. Do you guys have hip helpers or know what they are? Basically, they are spandex shorts that help keep the hips from spreading or going to 'froggy position' as I call it. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you hadn't heard of them yet. Congrats to Malachi on all the new accomplishments- he is doing so great!

Blessed with Boys said...

No we dont have the hip helpers. OT and PT say his low muscle tone isnt that bad and they dont think we will need them. But I might look into them anyways, I only have 2 arms and supporting Malachi and holding his knees together doesnt leave any free hands! haha

rickismom said...

Yes, kids with Down syndrome usually get their teeth later. Also they may errupt in a different-than-normal order. (ie, the incisors,for example, might not be first, or after one incisor, a cuspid might come in rather than an additional insisor!)
Not uncommon are missing teeth, not straight, etc.
My Ricki (now 14 years old), just the other day mentioned that she wants braces to straighten her teeth!

Lacey said...

So cute. I do thing downs kids get their teeth later. Jax is barely getting his front top teeth and he's 3. But our dentist said its because he doesn't eat by mouth so there's no work in pushing those gums back, so his are extemely late.

Emily said...

Oh, he is just so squeezable! Love the convertible comment! I haven't been taught the tall kneeling like that. I should work with Justin. He IS very low muscle tone. His arms are slowly getting stronger, but he prefers to sit or lay on his back. Tummy time has never been his favorite... but we work at it everyday!