Monday, May 4, 2009

My first ever Not me Monday!

MckMamma is back with her Not me Monday posts!! Check out her blog and read the things she did not do!!

So you wanna know what life in our house is really like? Read the following post of things I absolutely did not do, no way no how , did thest things really happen.

A few months ago I did not post this picture. This is not the laundry that had been lying on the laundry room floor for weeks. I definitely did not walk downstairs in my pjs and change into a selection of clothing from this pile, not me, never! I did not say that this was never going to happen again. Nope.

And today I did not walk downstairs to find the same heap of clothing in my laundry room. Not me, I definitely learned my lesson last time. I also didn't shut the laundry room door and pretend I didn't know what was behind the door. Not me!!

I didn't put Malachi to bed the other night in dirty cloths. Nope. I also didn't keep him in those dirty clothes for therapy the next morning. Who would do such a thing? Not me! When the therapist made a comment about how he must have been a messy eater because his clothing was dirty, I most defiantly didn't blame my husband. That would be mean, and I would NEVER do that!

I also didn't put on a bra that was to small because I had no clean ones. And I would never think about putting a sports bra over the bra that was to small to keep the tissue that was busting out of bra number 1 in. NEVER, not me!

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