Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend flew by but dont they all? I thought I would re-cap the weekend...WITH PICTURES!!

Friday night we went to dinner with the Bosco's. It was fun and both the boys cooperated! After dinner we went swimming. It was the first time Malachi has been in a pool. He LOVED it. He was a little confused by the ripples and kept reaching for them. It melted my heart! We can't wait for the nice weather so we can open our pool and spend hours of fun in our own backyard!! Come on summer!!

Sat. we had a wedding and Peewee went to Grandma and Grandpa W's house! We had a great time at the wedding. This is a picture of Malachi playing before we left.

Sunday was my first Mothers Day ever and boy was it amazing. My boys did a WONDERFUL job making me feel loved! I got a BEAUTIFUL necklace with a Ruby in it (Malachi's birthstone), tulips, Godiva Chocolate,a starbucks gift card AND a gift card for a massage at a spa!! I am so spoiled! We went to breakfast with my parents and my brother. Later in the afternoon Joshes entire family came over. We had subs, soup and salad for lunch and spent the rest of the time visiting! It was a nice afternoon. This is a picture of Malachi showing off his super human strength!

And tonight we are shopping for plants and flowers. We totally look like the white trash of the neighborhood with dead flowers still in the planters and flower beds. We have weeds like crazy in the lawn and pool stuff still all over our backyard. Not to mention the exploded 2-liters of pop still on the deck! Time for some spring cleaning!!

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My name is Sarah said...

I LOVE Malachi. He is so adorable.