Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When Peewee was hospitalized for RSV we got sent home with a suction machine. I had been begging for one of these since his heart surgery. He always seems to have junk in his nose and the bulb doesn't do anything (yes I used saline too). Well I LOVE that little (well its really big) electric sucker! I think all moms need one! It has been wondrous for this little cold he has right now, if we didn't have it he would most likely be in the hospital. He still has nasty boogies (im sure you all wanted to know) and a cough but no fever. He has been sleeping more than normal but sleep is needed to fight illness, right? I did have to give him a breathing treatment this afternoon (I threw in some Pulmacourt, we had left over from RSV) and that helped his wheezing.

ahhh, gotta go, it just started pouring!!! I have to shut the windows!


Emily said...

Oh how I would LOVE an electric sucker! Poor little Justin is always congested and because of that gets bronchialitis quite often. He is blowing yummies out of his nose as we speak! Get better little buddy!

Trina and Jophie said...

WOnderful eh? We've had Jophies for gosh 13 years or so now...We could NOT live or should I say HE could NOT live without our snot hoover!

Funny how we get excited over the weirdest things like snot hoovers! hehe

Glad you got one!

Trina and Jophie