Wednesday, May 13, 2009

elusive smile and a CONTEST!!

SO....I have been on the quest to capture a smile of my son! He seems to know the second I put the camera up to take a picture he stops smileing! STINKER! Why do I want to capture the smile? Well, its his big toothless grin that keeps me going through the day. Its his big, brown, almond shaped eyes that cheer me up when Im feeling discouraged. For months now I have been trying to get that elusive smile on film (well memory card) I have hundreds of missed momments and few victories! I will share 1 of each with you today!

I have never done a "contest" before so I thought now Is the perfect time! Here is what you have to do, Think of 1 caption for the following photo and leave it in a message. If you want to be entered twice, post a link back here! Wanna know what you can win?? A pair (you pick) of super sexy baby legs!!! (

I will let you know the winner on friday!! Happy posting!


Will, Amanda, and Bryson Bosco's said...

"No more catheters! Please!?!?"

Haha thats so funny!

PS-love the music!

Anonymous said...

uh oh, i should have used charmin!!!

Anonymous said...

'But mom, you said I could have another cookie with milk, will my puppy dog eyes help change your mind?'

That is WAY TOO cute of a pic of your little man, thanks for sharing with us!