Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another evaluation

Malachi has another evaluation today, this one was for vision therapy. Malachi's eyes "flutter" a lot and since he is so little and already needs glasses he qualifies for vision therapy! Jenny will be coming once a month to give me new ideas to strengthen his eyes. She was very impressed with how well he is reaching for things and tracking. She said most kids who have vision impairments just kind of sit there, not Malachi, he will reach for everything and anything. I am VERY excited about VT Jenny had great ideas and I think it will improve Malachi's physical development. I have never heard of VT before and I wonder if its fairly new? Either way I am thankful for all the AMAZING therapists we have. Tomorrow we have OT and a home visit from our licensing worker!

Tonight we are going to a orchastra concert at Joshes school. I wonder how Malachi will do??


Emily said...

Good luck with the vision therapy and the orchestra tonight! Enjoy!

Lacey said...

Aren't therapist great? We love ours, they are like part of our family now.