Monday, May 4, 2009

More pictures

Talking on Uncle Mark's Blackberry!

Malachi was passed out for the walk.

Group Shot (there were a few people who couldn't show up...slackers!) The other
little boy in the yellow shirt is Malachi's best friend!


Emily said...

I don't blame Malachi one bit for passing out! Much easier than walking! He is so stinking cute!

Lacey said...

Man he's huge. What a tank. I need to start designing our shirts.

Alan Anderson said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog - your little boy is so cute - I love his big round face. And those glasses are so cute on him - but I can just imagine the nightmare of trying to keep them on. It must be like trying to keep an oxygen cannula in the nose as opposed to on top of the nose or in the mouth!!

We are working really hard with eating with a spoon - but so much comes out as opposed to going in.

Mom to Carter