Tuesday, May 26, 2009

busy, busy, busy

I just thought this was the CUTEST picture of Malachi. Anyway, we had a very fun filled weekend. Friday night we had pizza and a bonfire at the neighbors, sat. was the white sox game, sunday was church and a birthday party (another dinner and bon fire at the neighbors) and monday we went to see my dad race his sports car and a dinner out with out neighbors! Phew, Josh is back to work today and Malachi and I are looking forward to a relaxing day at home. We might even stay in jammies all day!
Before the white sox game we stopped by Rush (the hospital Malachi has hid heart surgery at and the place we called home for 3 weeks after). When we walked in on the bridge so many feelings were comming back. The smell, the people, the reception desk where we bought parking tickets and ABP where we are so many sandwhiches, soups and salads. Then we started the long treck to the elevators, passing the windows we looked out so many times. We got in the elevators and went up the the 5th floor and when the doors opened it felt like we were going home. The docters and nurses in the 5th floor PICU were our family for those 3 weeks. The took care of Malchi's every need (mine too). They nurtured him through good days and the day we thought we were going to lose him. How do you say thank you to them? What do you say after 5 months? We walked in and were greated by Kathy (she is a no nonsense nurse who probablly knew more than most of the docters). She was thrilled to see Malachi and how big he was. After a quick visit with her, we walked back to the cardio rooms (4 rooms at the back of the picu that are strictly post-op cardio patients). We saw one of the resident docs we had (forgot her name) and Donna was there too! We absolutely LOVED Donna. She was the mom nurse who did so much more than just give meds and take vitals she calmed my nerves and gave hugs to comfort me. She would hold Malachi if I had to run to the bathroom and rub his head if he was squwirming. Donna washed her hands and came right out and heald Malachi. We both got a few tears in our eyes. As we were about to leave Dr. P (malachi's heart surgon) came walking up. He was thrilled to see him and how big he was. He was going to check on a patient so it was a quick visit but Josh and I were able to say thank you (again). Overall it was a wonderful visit to a few of the nurses who mean so much to us!! We are forever greatful to the 5th floor picu cardio nurses and doc's.


Lacey said...

Its nice to see your nurses and docs. Unfortunatly we still see them a lot, and I used to work there when Jax was born, so that was really wierd, I would go visit him on my lunchbreaks.

Emily said...

That is a darling picture! You should both enjoy the day in your p.j.'s! I'm glad you were able to visit your wonderful team at the hospital!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

He is SO adorable! We love to visit our hospital family too... and then we love to leave the same day! LOL

Becca said...

He is so handsome!