Monday, June 2, 2008


I have never been a patient person. When Josh tries to surprise me, I HATE the wait. I usually end up getting it out of him ahead of time. He now knows not to tell me that there is going to be a surprise because i can't handle it. A few years ago I got Josh Cubs vs. Sox tickets for his b-day. I bought them a few weeks before his birthday, well I couldn't keep the secret, I ran downstairs and told him right away. Yeah, I know, it's sad. I hate waiting...for anything. So the wait to hear from the agency is horrible. I wanna know the next step, I wanna know if we are going to be approved...I wanna know everything. Unfortunately, I can't know, and I may not know for a few weeks. YIKES. With that being said I will wait patiently, not because I want to but because I have to. And you all have to wait with us...good for me, I will know before all of you! Until then...happy waiting.


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