Sunday, June 22, 2008

PRIDE Training

Well we can cross another item off or list. We have registered for the PRIDE training and will start that on July 8th. It is a class that will beging to give us tools to use with children and all the issues that come along with those children. I know this will be full of helpful information that will really help us along the way. However, I know that Christ is bigger than any class and if Josh and I put Him in control of the situation and continue to follow His will for us, then we will be okay.

Our excitment is growing daily as we are getting closer to welcoming the first child into our home. We can't help but feel overwhelmed, there is still a TON to do. Not only paperwork, but we need to prepare a room, collect all the things a baby needs. The list of things we are going to need is a mile long in itself. I tend to get more worried about this that Josh, but he quickly reminds me that God will provide. And He will!

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