Monday, June 16, 2008


Here is a copy of the checklist the agency gave us. This wa you can see everything we have to complete and where we are on the list.

x ECFA Foster/Foster-Adoption Application, Including your Autobiography
x Pastoral Reference
pastoral consultation
PRIDE training-27 hours
Education Advocacy class-6 hours
Application for Family Home License
Authorization for Background check
Foster Family Home information
fingerprint receipts
Medical Report
Understanding Corporal Punisment (not allowed, go figure)
fire protection/evacuation plan
Child Supervision plan
Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter status
Certification of Inspectio for Unsafe Childrens Products
Budget form
Foster Parent/Relative Cargiver Notice Disclosure of Identifying information
Authorization for release of Driving record/insurence certification
( an "x" means we have finished that step)

After all this is completed, they agency will meet and decide if we are able to provide a loving safe home for children. After they have made their decision, assumeing we are granted approval, we will be entered into the database of foster parents. Josh and I are getting very excited. Well i better get going, I need to start the paperwork! Have a great day everyone!

E and J

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