Friday, June 13, 2008

Paperwork Galore

Our meeting went well on tuesday.We got all of our paperwork from the agency and DCFS. They went through most of it with us so we know what to do when filling it out. Its an overwhelming feeling looking at the 2 folders. We also got our packet of DCFS standards. Also overwhelming. In addition to all of that, we ALSO received a list of products that have been recalled and that we cannont have in our house, including baby items and non baby items. AHHHH, it made us realize exactly how much we are going to need. Unfortunatly, we dont have the money to go out and buy it all. We are parying that God will provide us with the "stuff" we need. But in the meantime, im going to worry, because i am a worrier.

Next step? Well, once our pastoral reference letter arrives at the agency, we will be contacted to have a meeting with the staff pastor. He will ask us questions to make sure we are a good match for the agency and that Josh and I are in a place to love a nuture a child. (I have no doubt about this step, we wil do fine). After this is completed we can register for our class. Its 9 weeks long, one night a week for three hours. This will give us tools to use at home with the children. Because a lot of them come neglected and abused we will need to know how to handle it. Im looking forward to this class, i think a lot of our questions will be answere. And upon completeion we will be one step closer to receiving our first placment. After our paper work is turned in and our class is completed our file will be presented to that staff at the agency. They will sit down and look through "us" and see if our home is a safe place for a child. Not just our physical home but also our emotional and mental home. Once we receieve our liscense from DCFS we will be done. It is still a few months away but Josh and I are so excited. We are really looking at this as our mission field. So keep up the prayers, we are really going to need them in the next few months!

Love U guys, E and J.

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