Sunday, August 1, 2010

The verdict is in...sort of

Well Malachi's MRI went great. They were able to put him to sleep with Propofal (Michael Jacksons drug of Choice) and he was able to breath fine on his own which means no intubation!

The verdict is in and there is no abscess...great news. But with great news comes the bad news...they still don't know what it is. Is it fluid? Is it infected fluid? They don't know. So Malachi's MRI images will be sent off to Boston. For now we remain here in the ICU while he receives IV antibiotics. We are not out of the woods yet. If they do believe it is an infection, they will need to re open his incision and skull to clean it out. If they have to do this, there is a good chance the cleaning will interfere with Malachi's first surgery. My heart sank just writing that. We would be back at square one (possibly). The though of this is overwhelming and something I just can't bear to think about.

Infectious disease will be in tomorrow to see how he is doing as well as Dr. Nikkos and Dr. Hann.

I beg you my dear friends, please pray for another miracle for Malachi.


Stephanie said...

OH no! We are praying for you guys. I just HATE this. :( Which hospital are you in? (You can e-mail me if you want)

We are home. Christopher is frustrated not being able to do his Chinese acrobat act since he can't bend his knees. LOL! He is figuring out quickly how to swing those things.

Keep us updated as you can.


Steph and Christopher

larag1028 said...

Praying for Malachi!