Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We are HOME!! We are just as surprised as you. Dr. Nikkas decided that he wanted more time between Malachi's MRI and since Malachi is showing no further signs of infection (no fever, eating and drinking well, very active) we could go home and come back for an outpatient MRI. We obviously didn't argue. They are actually think it's not an infection anymore. SO then what is it? Well they believe it's Malachi's reaction to the foreign objects that are now implanted in his head (stitches and the 8 titanium plates). They believe this is an issue we will be fighting for years. Ugh. His boy is trying to get rid of those objects so his body sends white blood cells there to fight it, unfortunately no matter how hard those white blood cells fight, the titanium plates are not going anywhere. They have a few other patients who also experience this and all of them have had to go back in for multiple surgery's. Not what I wanted to hear, but we will take it one day at a time.This condition is still very dangerous because it crates an open wound which means infection is always looming. So now we get to clean the sites with betadine one a day. While we are home we can leave the wounds open, but when we are out we have to cover them with gauze and a gauze hat thing. Very attractive and draws even more attention to Malachi. They believe the wounds will heal up for a period of time but that his body will re-cooperate and try to fight it again. Which will send us back to the hospital for MRI's and IV antibiotics.

Josh and I are doing well, so very happy to be home!! We are missing Elijah who has been with our friends for the last few days. We are picking him up at noon today and we cant wait!! We have a very busy weekend ahead of us. Friday we have Nana's memorial (joshes grandma who passed away while we were in boston), a family reunion and a wedding. Not to mention Josh goes back to work next week so he has to get in his classroom to get things ready. Have a wonderful remainder of the week! I am off to relax!!


Kristin said...

Glad you're home, but that doesn't sound fun. Prayers.

viv said...

Great news your home !