Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our new room

Late last night we were moved out of the ICU and onto the floor. Our new room is amazing! 2 pull out beds and we are both allowed to sleep in the room with him. Its a private room with a shower and fridge!! Ahhh... no more glass doors not more vital checks every 2 hours...we got 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! There is not even a monitor in the room!! I almost feels like home. The plan is still the same, MRI tomorrow, if the results show that there is no change we get to leave either tomorrow night or Thursday. Keep those prayers coming!

Ive got exciting news. I entered a photo of Malachi to the NDSS Buddy Walk in New york. It was chosen!! So his pretty smile will be shown on the MTV plasma screen in September. We are trying to figure out if financially we can get there to see it!! We were going to enter Elijah too, but hes at an age where most of his pictures consists of closed eyes and drool!! We are going to enter him next year when we can actually get a smile out of his sweet little face!

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