Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sew fun

We are home from Boston and settling in quickly. We have had a flood of visitors stopping by since Friday, they all want to lay kisses on Malachi. Everyone has commented on how good he looks and can't believe how quickly his recovery way! We can't believe it either and are still at a loss for words at what truly happened 2 short weeks ago.

Malachi has been getting a lot of attention lately. 2 large incisions on your head will do that for ya. Everyone wants to see him, squeeze him and marvel at his strength. Poor Eli has been coming up short in the snuggles category. Yes he gets ample hugs and kisses through out the day, but family, friends and strangers flock to Malachi and often bypass Eli and his squeezable cheeks. Do any other moms out there with medically frail children struggle with attention given to them? Ugh, it makes my heart sad, but I know one day soon Eli will be stealing the hearts of many. My littlest superstar has started getting on his hands and knees! Yes, at 8 months old. Eli you will one day have your spot in the lights, thank you for so humbly allowing your brother to own it right now.

Before we left for Boston, I got a sewing machine. I made a few pillow cases and a little blankie for Eli. I enjoy sewing but as a beginner I am limited in the things I can do. However, today I tackled a taggie blanket. I think it turned out pretty good!! Eli loves his new soft snugglie!


Cammie Heflin said...

People pay good money for those things on Ebay so you may have an extra job, it's adorable! I'm glad both boys are doing well, they are both so precious!

Denise said...

First of all...I will take one of those cute blankets!!! :) I will pay!! You did a great job. And I have to laugh about your comment about Ella and Malachi being the new Brangelina!! I could just hear them comparing hospital stories and such. He is such a cutie and I am SOOO thankful that he sailed through his surgery so easily. Our kiddos truly are amazing!!

Lacey said...

My friend said those blankets are a huge hit. I'll have to try making them one day. I'm branching out in the sewing department, now that I have a girl coming! Email me at and I'll give you my address!

Stephanie said...

So glad you guys are home. We have been praying for you all. Malachi is such a trooper! We are so proud of him! :)

LOVE the blanket. I agree with Cammie - looks like an income producing opportunity to me. :P

We will definately be up that way in two weeks. Christopher is scheduled for surgery @ U of C, Comer on the 26th, but I think they are admitting him the night before.Everything else is kind of up in the air right now - they haven't told us if we need to be up there for any appointments befor ethat. Will keep you updated. :)

Sooooo glad you all are home! Enjoy!


Steph and Christopher

Emily said...

So glad they are both doing well! Love the snugglie!