Monday, July 19, 2010

All about Eli

We got some VERY exciting news today. Friday we go to adoption court to make Elijah an official family member! Thats right friend, he will now be the proud owner of our last name! He has always been our son and have never thought of him as anything other than that. However, court on Friday will make it official!! We are so excited! To celebrate all things Eli, here are a few newer pictures of him!
John Stamos
Donald Trump
Not sure who this is...
parted down the middle
Oh my sweet smiley boy
Laughing at daddy
Oh how he melts my heart!!


Kristin said...

How exciting!! Congratulations :)

larag1028 said...

Congratulations! Eli is so sweet! Love his sweet smile. You are all so blessed!

Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

Oh my goodness, I just love that picture of him sitting in his Bumbo by the fireplace...adorable!!