Friday, July 30, 2010

the stolen Therapy Board

I admit, I am a stealer. Some time ago I saw a post, don't know where and I haven't the faintest idea who it was written by. The idea was amazing and I knew one day I would steal it. Well, today is the day I want to introduce you to my friend...the therapy board!

This is my version at least. On it is a calendar of the month where we will keep track of the boys weekly therapy. In the hanging folders will be the boys therapy notes from the therapist's and then in the horizontal folders are each of the boys "things to work on this week." After each therapy session I will write out what we are to be working on for the week. The main reason for this board is to keep me organized. Malachi alone has 6 therapies a week then add on Elijah's 2 and we have people at the house all the time. This will also help Josh. Now he will have a place to look to get caught up on what the boys did in therapy and what we need to be working on with them. He will no longer have to ask me. Ahhh...Such a good idea, many thanks are owed to the person I stole this if I could only remember....


Stephanie said...

I think I know who it was....onlu because I am thinking of stealing it myself! Ha!Ha! Great minds......LOL!

Hope Malachi is doing better tonight.


Steph and Christopher

P.S. I think it was Courtney....a.k.a. Pudge's & Zippy's cool Mom! :)

Blessed with Boys said...

Ah yes, thats who it was!! She is brilliant!! How is Christopher doing? It he still in the hospital?