Friday, July 30, 2010

Mothers instict

So we didnt go to the ER last night. Josh and I talk over all the information that Dr. Smith in Boston and our pediatrician here gave to us and felt that Malachi didnt NEED to head to an ER last night. We decided to wait and see what his blood work comes back looking like this morning. He hasn't had a fever in 24 hours and is acting normal. I have a feeling (and im usually right 99% of the time) that the antibiotics he is on will do the trick.  Boston said we should notice less discharge by sunday. If in fact it improves we will know that the antibiotics are working and that it is not a sub cranial abscess.

Whats next? We wait for blood work results to come back and decide after that. We will keep you updates.

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Lacey said...

Good thinking momma! If there's no fever than you know its not to infected, because thats the biggest sign! Plus its always nice to avoid the ER.