Wednesday, July 28, 2010

getting there

Thanks for listening to me whine on my last post. It has been one of those weeks. Thank God it's almost Friday! My husband is a teach and has been home with us all summer but this week he is gone from 5am till 7pm at a conference. Thus the reason for my foul mood. I need to get used to not having him around to help, talk to and venture outside the house with. He will be home next week but then it's back to school!! I so enjoy our summer's together and the fun things we do with the kids, its difficult for  all of us when he goes back and this week was my first taste of it.

Anyway, Malachi had PT today and I voiced my concern about him not progressing to walking. Well it looks like we are going to try a walker. He walks great with a push toy but that allows him to lean forward and not use his lower trunk. A walker will go behind him and curve to the sides allowing him to hold on but forcing him to stand up straight. I am crossing my fingers that this will help and he will be following his friends around in no time!

Elijah continues to impress our PT. Hes got great strength. He has been getting up on his hands and knees for a few weeks now. He is struggling with sitting as his ribs are still really high up. She has been doing some mild fascia release. In other words he is to tight which prevents his muscles from connecting. She thinks by this time next week he will have a lot more lower trunk control. So we continue to work on tall kneeling and side sitting. Another major accomplishment for Eli is that he is holdin his own bottle now!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Kristin said...

Max isn't ready to walk yet, but I got one of these for future use... check it out...

ch said...

Wowie, wow! If Jace would hold his own bottle, I think I'd weep for joy.

Excited to hear about the walker possibility. We have a teeny treadmill at our therapy clinic that is too cute.

Your boys are making progress all over the place! Way to go, Coach!