Sunday, June 13, 2010

My bed, my blankets and my pillow

There is very few things I enjoy more and snugging up in a cool bed and drifting to sleep. Typing that makes me want to forget this post and run upstairs to my bed and drift off to dream land!! ah.... Okay back to the point of this blog which has nothing to do with me sleeping, but rather Malachi.

As we have been busy preparing for Malachi's upcoming surgery and our trip to Boston, we have been talking about luggage. We will have a lot of luggage as we will be there for 2 weeks. Not to mention Malachi's newest addition of oxygen and a pulse ox. We will be going and returning with our fair share of baggage. Obviously Malachi will be in the hospital for most of our stay and we want to make his stay there are comfortable as possible, but we also don't want to pay out the booty for extra luggage. So rather than bring a bunch of big, bulky blankets we decided we would bring fun pillow cases. Smart right? I thought so to, so we began the hunt for cute pillow cases. We struck out majorly. I could find nothing at the store other than sponge bob and disney princess. Let me start off by saying I dislike sponge bob and my children will never be allowed to watch it simply for the fact that it annoys the crud out of me. Disney princess? Perhaps is Malachi was a sweet little girl, but even then probably not. Im not a fan of character shirts, pants, swim suits, pajamas or birthday party themes. Don't worry I still like you even if your son had a spider man birthday party last year or if your daughter sports a princess t-shirt. You will just never see my children in them. Unless of course they choose to throw a fit if I don't let them wear their Handy Mandy t-shirt...we have to pick our battles right?  Anways, back to the point...With a lack of cute, non-cartoon, pillow cases out there I began to google "make your own pillow cases." Have I ever sewn? Not really but I have a good friend (LAURA you are the best) who enjoys sewing and is actually very good at it. So off i went to the fabric store. I bought enough fabric to make 4 pillow cases. Last night I got together with Laura and we made the pillow cases. They turned out so cute, so cute that I made my husband go out today and buy me a sewing machine and tonight after the boys were in bed I made my first pillow case. I must say it turned out so cute! I know they will be a source of comfort to Malachi while he is recovering!! And the one I made tonight? The cotton, felt and satin will be a wonderful resting spot for my head each night....

I made the one on the pillow and Laura sewed the other 4 (I only helped pin, iron and cut those) cute right?


Kristin said...

Love em - what a great idea.

Joy said...

Awesome! I love the patterns.