Friday, June 18, 2010


We are home from Iowa. Nana (Joshes grandma) seems to be doing well. Last night when we were up visiting her she was in a wonderful mood. We felt it was a good time for us to go home. Today is her 81st birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!

Let me finish by saying Iowa is an interesting place. I saw 8 mullets yesterday, a 40 year old woman wearing a shirt made for a 16 year old, more missing teeth than I care to count and more evil glances than I have ever encountered. To those who have never seen an african american child before...they really do exist, no i didn't cheat on my husband with a black man...obviously he was adopted. Thank goodness I don't live in Iowa.

On an even more exciting note...we leave for Boston in 1 week. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and scared all at the same time.

For now Im just thankful to be in Illinois, in my home, with normal people!

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