Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A letter of sorts

I've been racking my brain the past few days for a way to adequately express the way I am feeling. I've postponed this blog post long enough. This may not be the most organized, thought out or eloquent blog I have every written but it will be honest, emotional and a reflection of my heart.

To all those who organized, attended, volunteered or donated,
     There are simply no words to truly express my (and Joshes) thankfulness to you. This past weekend is one that has changed our hearts forever. We were loved on by family, friends, and complete strangers. Their only goal? To help Malachi and us to get to Boston. I want to reassure you that the mission has been accomplished not only for our trip in June but also for our 2 other trips within the next year. Simply amazing. This is a story that the world needs to hear. Not about Malachi, Josh or I but the willingness of others to help and expect nothing in return. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! That's all I have, a few simple words, to express my heart. You are the true hero's of this story!!!


Shari said...

I haven't read your blog in a while. Wow! Two precious babies! So cute! And adorable! I am adding you to my blogroll so I can remember to pray for your precious Malachi! I am so thankful others stepped us to help your family! I am so grateful to those who give selflessly to others! May your day be blessed!

Stephanie said...

I am sooooo glad it went well! We were going to try to come up & surprize you guys, but now C is quaranteened even more than usual for his own surgery. UGH!

Did you guys ever get a sleep study done? Was it @ Memorial? We are on the waiting list @ 4 hospitals! LOL! Have to have one before they will do surgery....praying it gets done quickly.

Hugs & prayers for all of you!!! :)

Steph and Christopher

Kristin said...

Love it. I too, have felt such support from family, friends, and strangers since we adopted Max. The Ds/heart mom community here is truly amazing. I aim to pay it forward the best I can. Glad your event was a success!