Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2-

We started off the day by going to the Hay market. It was a fish, fruit and veggie market with hundreds of stands just like this one. It was so neat and something I wish we had close to us. We got 10 plums for a buck and 2 pints of raspberries for 2 bucks. So fresh and so delish.
Right next to the Hay Market was Faneuil Hall Market. The above picture is a Holocaust memorial. There were 6 huge glass towers representing each of the 6 gas chambers. The towers are constructed with glass panels. 
There are millions of 7 digit numbers representing each person that was killed. It was a somber experience.
 After the markets we headed to the Science Museum. We took Malachi and Eli into a children's area. They had a blast playing. 
Daddy had fun too!!
A little later in the afternoon we took a tour on a duck. A duck is a WWII amphibious vehicle. We got to see many historic sights. The above picture is the original building where the Declaration of Independence was read, and is still read from the exact balcony, on the 4th of July. 
This is a picture of the steeple that held the lanterns of the famous Paul Revere story "one if by land 2 if by sea."
A shot of the Boston skyline.
Eli and me enjoying a nice boat ride. We took lots of pictures today but Eli managed to elude most of them. He is not a fan of his picture being taken, he takes after his mother. 
And one final picture of Mr. Smiles. 

The plan for tomorrow is to head to Cape Cod and enjoy some time at the beach. 

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