Monday, June 21, 2010


4 days from now we will be getting on a plan headed to Boston.
4 days from now Malachi will have his first pre-op appointment.
7 days from now Malachi will be admitted to Boston Children's Hospital
8 days from now Malachi will be in Surgery.

This is all so surreal. My family isn't going through this, my child isn't going to endure this but the harsh reality is we are and he is. We are trying to have fun family time this week, enjoy the giggles, the smiles and the personality that is Malachi. We have faith that he will come home the same little boy but we also know that a stroke is always looming in the distance. Will this be the time? Will it leave him speechless? Will there be a stroke at all? It's stressful to say the very least. There is so much to worry about and to think about. I've been having difficulty sleeping, my mind keeps racing. Every moment of every day we think about Moyamoya. Unfortunately, surgery isn't an immediate fix. Malachi's blood supply to his brain needs time to grow and branch off. The amount of time this takes is unknown and until his blood supply increases, he can still have strokes. Yes my friends this journey is not over on the 29th, it will continue for weeks, months, days and possibly years. As much as we need your prayer in the upcoming week, we will also be needing your prayers for the long haul.

This will be my last post until Thursday night. We are busy packing, cleaning, doing laundry and shopping for last min necessities.


Emily said...

You've got my prayers! xoxo

Hewett Happenings said...

Praying for safe, uneventful travel, doctors knowledge and guidance, and a quick and complete recovery for your precious Malachi.

Kelly said...

Many prayers heading your way!!

Lacey said...

I know its so hard, but try not to stress yourself out to much. Big time prayers coming your way!