Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 6- Snuggles galore!

Malachi had a wonderful night. As soon as his high fever came down he got to drink some juice and that made all the difference in the world! He was up for a few hours in the middle of the night and in some pain. Morphine was given around the clock every 2 hours. He was in lala land.

Today we were focused on him waking up more and starting to move his limbs. Physical therapy came in to see if he could sit up unassisted. He did great. So she put him on his stomach and he transitioned to sitting like a champ. She was a little impressed. Then she said lets see if he will stand...and he did!! She was amazed. And I beamed proudly saying "thats Malachi, get use to it." It was such a good feeling.

He is way more swollen today, which it totally normal. Here are a few pictures.
Sleepy boy!!
Oh my poor, swollen boy!!! 

This is what we did most of the day...snuggled and watched cartoons!!
Malachi and daddy took a little nap right after this.

This afternoon Malachi was moved out of the ICU and onto the neuro floor. Dr. Smith was in for a visit and said that we should expect to be discharged sometime this weekend! WOW. We still need to stay in town till the 9th, just in case something happens. We are excited. He would be excited if he had any concept of time. Other good news is he is needing Morphine less and less. He is going about 4 hours between doses and since he is on the floor now, he can be off the monitor during the day! All he has on is his IV fluids. So very exciting! 

One day at a time, thats how we walk. Malachi will beat Moyamoya!!


Emily said...

What great news! Malachi is such an amazing trooper!

larag1028 said...

Great news! He is so cute! I pray that he will have a great day today! What a blessed little boy!