Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 3-on the cape

Ah yes, June 27th, the day of my birth AND my golden birthday. Today we packed up and headed to Cape Cod (Falmouth to be exact). We had a blast.
Falmouth was full of charm and little shops. We found a fun toy shop and got Malachi a few birthday gifts. Eli got a few just because his grandma loves him gifts as well.
First stop was the beach. It was a little disappointing, we later found out that this beach is one of the worst in the area. But it was neat because we could see Martha's Vinyard. 
It was Malachi's first time in the ocean.
And Elijah's too.
Malachi loved it.
While Eli preferred to hang out on the blanket.
Malachi not only loved drinking the salt water, he also enjoyed snacking on some tube shaped seaweed. Yummy.
After the beach we grabbed lunch and walked through town and then headed home.
When we got back to Boston we decided to drive and find Harvard. It was crazy busy and we couldn't find a parking spot so we did the driving tour.
 This is a church on the Harvard campus. It was amazing. 
We got back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. My mom watched the kids so Josh and I could go out for a nice birthday dinner. We enjoyed an evening walk afterward and some ice cream. 

Now its back to reality and the real reason we are here. Tomorrow at 3:30pm Malachi will be admitted to the hospital. We are not sure what time surgery will be on tuesday, but expect it in the morning at some point. Ugh. The surgery is about 8 hours (i think). Tomorrow we are going to relax and mentally prepare for this. My sweet boy, my Malachi, my amazing gift will soon be undergoing MAJOR brain surgery and I/we are experiencing every emotion possible. TO say that I am a complete mess is an understatement. 


Lindsey said...

I found your blog awhile ago, and have loved going on your journy with you. I am so inspired by your family! Please know that I am praying for your peace during Malachi's surgery and recovery, and for the surgery to be an amazing success!

Emily said...

Lots of prayers!!! Darling pictures!