Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Class number 3

Tonight was all about attachement issues and types of abuse/neglect. Not an easy night emotionally. We watched some pretty tough videos and talked about some pretty deep things. We are learning so much!! I feel like after this class we will be prepared to be foster parents and even better parents when we do finally adopt. A quote keeps comming up in our classes and that is "its not about you." I really think I am going to paint this on my wall somewhere. Its a good reminder and something that we all need to keep in mind in our daily lives. When I think about finally being able to give the child back to their birth parents (that is the ultimate goal, but we are praying that god places children in our home that will never be able to go home and therefor open for adoption.) and how sad we will be. We need to remember its not about us, or how we are feeling. Its about the child, not us. When we see the child behaving poorly due to past circumstances, we need to remember that they are not acting out towards us and that they are our focus. This is something I think we are going to need to remember on our path. We are not doing this for ourselfs, its all for the kids.

We also found out that DCFS does NOT supply us with furnature or carseats. We need to be prepared for that and its our responsibility. AHHHH. Our trainer suggested a Foster to Adopt shower. And my good friend is busy planning our shower!! YEAH! Its going to be a different type of shower but we are praying that people are open to the idea. We are also praying that people are willing to open thier hearts and provide for a child. Even if its just a sippy cup and an outfit. It all helps.

Josh and I have been busy going through clothes my sister in law gave us (thanks Katie). We have been washing (they have sat in the basement in boxes for 2 years) and organizing them. Its amazing the amout of baby girl clothes we have. Its definatly a good start. I will take pictures once I get it all wased and folded. Its soo fun to wash baby clothes. Well have to get going the dryer just beeped at me, another load done!

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Rachael said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment. The invites for our shower were for our "new arrival(s)". Everyone pretty much knew the situation, and the rest heard thru word of mouth.

We registered at Target for baby and toddler items (ages we're approved for). Everyone was pretty cool about it. Some people did make a stink about not knowing what age or gender to buy for which I thought was crazy for many reasons...

1)We were in this for the long haul so we would have boys and girls and many ages.

2)Babies don't stay babies even if you did buy a cool toddler toy they would eventually get to play with it.

3)No one needs that much baby stuff, they outgrow it to fast. You could never use it all:)

4)Many people don't know if they're "having" a boy or girl either.

5)Who says boys can only play with cars and girls with dolls?

I give you this list b/c people will ask you/your family what to get you when you have no idea who will be placed with you. Now you know what to say...eventually you'll use everything, they can by you whatever they want:)

If you want to email me Buckeyefostermama AT gmail