Friday, July 25, 2008

Class # 5 and 6

Only 3 more classes left!!! Then we are one step closer to welcoming our first child!! This weekes classes were on visits and punnishments. Kinda borning, but a good refresher.

We also had our meeting with the Pastor at ECFA. It went well, I was nervous but there was nothing to be nervous about. Josh and I each got a change to share our childhoods with him. And then we explained our life together. It was good.

Josh finished his masters degree this week! I will now be able to see my husband. He is happy to be done and already looking to "whats next."

We are excited to finally have a weekend together!! Tonight we are spending time with our very best friends!!! Tomorrow we get to take our AMAZING neice and nephew and sunday we are going to Chicago to see Kooza. My aunt bought my entire family tickets for christmas, and we are finally going. After the show we are going to dinner. I am looking forward to it.

I am STILL sorting baby clothes. I will post pics soon!

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