Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Class # 1

We are done with class number 1. It was good, and went by super fast. We had trouble finding it, my wonderful husband forgot the directions at home, so we were about 15 mins late. For those of you that know me, being late is my BIGGEST pet peeve. Anyways, we made it, better late than never I guess. We watched a short video and then dicussed our "ideas" of foster parenting. We were able to share a little about ourselves and get to know the others in our class.

Here is the paperwork we got tonight. The stack on the far left is homework! Yuck. The Blue binder is what we are going over in class. The other stuff are things we need to read on our own.

Here is Josh doing his homework. We just got home and he started right away, I will wait till the last min.

Me with the binders. I look happy, but inside I am worried. How in the world are we going to be able to remember all this info? AHHH....

So i am frustrated and I am going to tell you why. 2 times today I have heard people say that "she had dreams she could change the world." THe first time I heard it was at work for a lady talking about a special ed teacher who quit after less than a year of teaching. My coworker claimed that she "didn't succeed" at her job becase she thought she could change the world. Tonight as class our teacher (who is a case manager) made a comment about the turn over rate of case workers. She said that young women right out of college come in "thinking they can change the world" but quickly realize they can't. This way of thinking makes me sooooo mad, you truly have no idea. Hear me out. 1 person cannot change the world, I get that. However, 1 person CAN change the world for someone. If we all changed the world for 1 other person how much better would we all be? I think more people need to believe they can change the world, its the people who think they can't that cause those of us the believe we can to fail. So maybe we should all believe that we can change it. Perhaps then we would have a world that would give for eachother rather than just take for ourselves. To all you who believe you can change the world, keep believing. To all of you that think you can't, change your way of thinking and see what happens, think you will be surprised at the outcome!

Good night everyone... and tomorrow...I WILL change the world, even if it is just for one person!

E and J

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