Sunday, July 20, 2008

Class #4

Have you ever experienced loss? Loss of a loved one, loss of self-esteem or loss of basic needs? Im sure we have all experienced loss at one time or another. Sometimes our loss is expected and sometimes is not. Either way its difficult to deal with loss and it take time to learn to cope. Well in class number 4 we talked about the loss these children will experience when they are removed from their home. We discussed the mental/physical process we go through when we have loss. Like all our other classes we learned a lot and will definatly use it to make loss eaiser with the children placed in our home.

Things are moving along here at home. We are collecting more and more stuff, which is great! We registered at target and babies r us for the shower. I think like we are slowly getting prepared. We have an AMAZING collection of girl clothes 0-12 months. Boys stuff we have a good start but are still in need of some little boy stuff. Toddler clothes we have none of at least not 2t or 3t. It will come I am sure. We picked up some more toys from a freecycle member. I am planning on taking photos of all this stuff when I get my act together. Who knows when that will be. I will post more on tuesday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

E and J

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