Monday, October 17, 2011

I suck.

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the crappy job I've been doing with the blog lately. Thanks for sticking around despite my extreme lack of posting.

In honor of Malachi's first 2 months of school being completed, I figured I'd show you what he has been working on. Right now our focus is colors and shapes. Malachi knows all the signs for the colors but can not recognize them for the life of him. I borrowed a laminator from Elijah's speech therapist and got to work making very simple flash cards. Malachi has poor vision and nystagmus, he struggles with visually overwhelming pictures so simple it is.

On the back I put the sign language for each sign as a quick reference for those who don't know.

The other thing we are working on are shapes and matching. Puzzles have always been a struggle for Malachi because they can be visually overwhelming. This is our take on a puzzle, shape identification and matching all in one. 

Each paper have 2 shapes on it. Malachi is given a choice between 2 shapes in my hand. One begin a shape on the page the other doesn't match. He can place the shape on top of it's duplicate. This has been so helpful for him. He get's frustrated and uninterested if he is visually overwhelmed this allows him to learn and gives him to ability to succeed! 
These shapes double as flash cards as well. I found it eaiser if I showed him the actual shape rather than a picture of a heart on a rectangle card.

I would love to hear what you have made for your kiddo's!


heidi marie said...

love the flash cards, we are doing the same thing with henry!!

Tara said...

Yeah, you're a sucky blogger like me. LOL! I like it when you do find the time to post, though. :) Love the flash cards!