Thursday, October 20, 2011

Conference time!

We had Malachi's first ever school conference last night! I'll be honest I was worried. My biggest worry you ask? It sounds silly but I was worried that the staff wasn't going to like him. Crazy thinking I know but it was my biggest fear!

His teacher is nice but I've never got that warm fuzzy feeling from her. Up until last night she had never swooned over Malachi, like all who meet him do. He has the smile and personality that just wraps around your heart and holds on tightly. At the same time, Malachi can be a handful. He is confident, stubborn, independent and defiant. He has the ability to drive a person mad, trust me I know. No one ever wants their child to be "that kid" the one teachers hope are absent, the one who is constantly in trouble and the one they can't wait to get rid of at the end of the year. Yes, I WAS worried that Malachi was "that kid" to the staff in his classroom.

I was AMAZED when I walked in the door and heard NOTHING but good new about him. He is referred to as "the peach" by his teacher which delighted my soul. He does require a stern voice but generally does what it expected of him. He is understanding the concept of his picture schedule and know's to check it first thing in the morning. They commented on his love of music and how they often use that as a reward. He still prefers to play alone but is often the leader of the giggles at snack time and gets all the boys laughing (he has no girls in his class). He enjoys working on the smart board, especially watching his shadow. He can now do a 4 piece puzzle (woo hoo!) and and correctly identify 4-6 colors. They commented on how quickly he picks up new signs (sometimes up to 5 new words a day). Speech is still our biggest concern but his Speech therapist sees great attempts at saying new words. We clap out the syllables for him and they seems to help him. She is starting to notice him using the beginning sound of a word to get what he wants. For example "mmm" for more and "uh" for up. We are starting new jaw strengthening exercises at home to help decrease the drooling and increase proper chewing. His speech therapist is fantastic we are very thankful for her!

Last nights meeting assured me that Malachi is in the right place with the right team around him and we are so thankful for that!