Monday, October 3, 2011

That time again

It's October and that not only means it is fall but also Down syndrome awareness month! Many of you are posting each day to educate your readers which is AWESOME. I believe strongly in education and this is a great opportunity for many. This year, however, I decided I didn't want to do the typical 31 for 21 posts. I wanted it to be more personal, more about my children being more alike than different. I wanted my blog posts to educate people one one simple fact, that my children are just yours the ones who walked at a year and talked at two, the ones who are happy and well adjusted, the ones who participate in extracurricular activities and the ones who laugh when you make a silly face. Yes my children have Down syndrome but that's not the only thing that defines who they are as children. There is a whole gamut of personality traits that lay behind those almond shaped eyes and my hope is that this October you will be educated not only on Down syndrome but on my children as a whole. They are full beings and can be described as so much more than "the kid with Down syndrome."

My hope is that over the next month you learn something about yourself while learning about my amazing children. My posts will not happen daily as two busy toddlers keep me running from here to there but I will do my best to post at least twice a week! So pull up a chair, get some Kleenex and get ready to fall in LOVE with two beautiful little men.

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