Friday, May 6, 2011

My little superstars

My children could not be more different. Elijah is calm, cool and collected. He is happy playing by himself and rarely get's upset. He is the happiest lil man who finds great joys in bouncing his legs to music. He is a lovely child and is turning into quit the ham. Elijah LOVES to eat...anything...and thinks every time we sit down at the table that he will be able to stuff his face.  He is easy going and rarely gets upset. He is a listener and follows the rules. He has always been the easiest child and I don't foresee that changing.

Malachi likes and needs all the attention. He will hit, pinch, slap and lick if he feels he is being neglected. When he is hungry he obsessively signs eat on him self, on me, on the dogs until we put him at the table. I kid you not, 10 minuets after he is done eating, the cycle repeats. Malachi is as smart as a whip, a sign language extraordinarie, gross motor driven and the absolute nastiest and sweetest boy all rolled into one. He is able to push buttons I didn't know I had and then 2 seconds later he will wrap his arms around me in the best bear hug ever.

All this to say while we were at dinner last night, my children put on their own little variety show.  They had the ladies in the booths all around us laughing and commenting on their cuteness. No one asked about their small size or the fact that Malachi is still eating baby food at almost 3 years of age. No one asked about the scares on Malachi's head. And believe it or not no one asked if they were twins (yes, crazy as it seems I get asked this alll the time! Seriously...ummm...Malachi is black, Elijah is not...hmm?) It was just 2 children, with personality abounding. At that moment, I saw the future for my children. Acceptance, Love, understanding and inclusion. They were not looked at because they are different but rather because they are the same. Just 2 little men who wave, clap, show their muscles, high five, laugh, smile, shake hands, sing and give knuckles. They may be behind, slower to reach milestones but they can quickly capture the hearts of those who choose to look past Down syndrome. They are superstars, who spread light where ever they go. So thankful that they are mine!


Kristin said...

Twins? That's a good one!

Becca said...

I've heard about the twin thing with two different races (2 eggs, 2 sperm, a recessive gene), but having *fraternal* twins both with Ds is pretty much impossible. LOL

Those two will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons as they grow up. Sounds like they've got the world eating out of their hands!!

Tara said...

It's probably good you have Malachi, or you would just think you are super parents! LOL! One of my strong-willed kids came first, so I was under no such illusions. :) But, if I'd had a few of the others first, I would've totally thought it was due to my stellar parenting.