Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Malachi can do a somersault. Alone. With no help. The first time I saw him do this, I was in awe. We've done them a few times with help, but never did I specifically each him. And then it happened. He stood up, put his head on the ground and tucked into a perfect little ball and rolled right over. He erupted in laughter as he stood up an did it again. 13 times he did this, laughing uncontrollably. I sat on the floor no more than 3 feet away with tears running down my cheeks. I realized at that very moment that he is capable, so very capable, of doing it on his own without my help. It was like a picture of the future cause I KNOW the day will come where he can do it all on his own and I will be sitting 3 ft., 3 blocks or maybe even 3 miles away crying for the exact same reason. He can do it all on his own, he will do it on his own and I cry tears of joy because of it!

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