Sunday, May 8, 2011

In awe

Yesterday could have been a tv show. High school kids and their teachers putting together an afternoon of fun to raise money for a complete stranger. This said stranger had some substantial medical debt. This afternoon was no different than the 10+ years previous, except this year the recipient was us. It started way back when my husband attended High school, a girl in his class needed a double lung and heart transplant. Her parents were up to their ears in medical debt so some fellow classmates decided to host a fundraiser. The money raised would not only help pay medical bills, but also give her parents the ability to continue to fight. An amazing afternoon was formed and people showed up to give. While Anna (name changed) passed before she could receive her transplant's, the family continued to fight for others who were struggling with medical debt of their own. Each year since the initial Anna-a-thon (the name of the actual event) this high school has found a family (somehow connected to the high school) to help.

Last year someone put our name on the desk of the teacher in charge. Thus began a series of event's that only God could orchestrate. This small piece of paper was found again this year and we were contacted. A few months ago I got a phone call and was told we were chosen to be the recipients this year. A wave of disbelief, confusion, gratitude and humility washed over me. This truly was an answer to prayer. We have substantial medical debt from all of Eli's shanannigans and the notion that it was going to be taken care of was amazing. Im still in disbelief. We have been so blessed by family and friends in the past (the benefit to raise money to get us to Boston for brain surgery, prayers, help with hotels when the boys had heart surgeries) and yesterday we were blessed by complete strangers. The day was a blur but when we got home last night, I was able to think about the events. I began to cry in amazement at ALL of the blessing we have received while on this adoption journey. I knew taking 2 boys with special needs would be difficult, I stressed about the unknowns, the financial aspect and the what if's. But what I didn't know is the amount of love, grace, acceptance, encouragement, peace and love we would receive. With Josh's job still up in the air for next year (yes he got laid off, he is a teacher, in Illinois...enough said) we were really stressing about these bills...Praying about when we should pay, how much and which ones got paid first. We were worried about not being able to pay them at all and in a matter of 2 months God has completely wiped that stress gone. Wow. I am speechles. I am humbled and I am full of overflowing gratitude. Seriously, with tears running down my cheeks (lets be honest, it a straight up ugly cry), I am thanking all those students, teachers, family and friends who came out yesterday. You inspire me to do more, help more, love more, give more, encourage more, thank more and trust more. God you truly are almighty, willing to save and the provider of all things!

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Tammy said...

Your post simply made my heart sing!

Tammy and Parker